About Us

Our Leadership

Robert Davis | CEO | The Business Owner LLC

Robert Davis
Chairman & CEO

Bob’s career has been comprised of 35+ years spent in commercial lending, with a primary focus on working with small business owners. This includes some highly successful years as an owner and Chairman / CEO of Certified Savings & Loan, Georgetown, TX and as the owner and CEO of The Small Business Lending Center, Horseshoe Bay, TX.

Ryan McInerney
Small Business Advocate

Ryan is an advocate for passionate organizations who struggle to succeed in growing their business.

As an entrepreneur, he's been where you are and knows what's at stake personally and professionally if you win or lose. He focuses on helping organizations overcome the challenges in their way so they can dominate their market, fulfill their goals, and grow as much as they choose.

Our Beliefs

Personal Beliefs

Christ should be #1 in all aspects of life, work, and vocation.

Supporting one’s family is the noblest driver of an industrious spirit.

Freedom is the greatest gift and should be cultivated, protected, and celebrated.

Corporate Beliefs

The business owner is in great need of trusted partners who will help them accomplish their goals without risk to their dreams.

Business owners of high integrity should be able to succeed unhindered.

Money is a tool and means of assisting in accomplishing a goal or greater good.

Those of high character and stewardship are the most deserving of financial gain and support.

The best way to protect your dream is to protect your employees. As you care for them, they will care for you.

The people we surround ourselves with determine our future and our success.

When you do what’s right, hire quality people, and offer a quality product, the money takes care of itself.

Our Purpose

There is no greater cause we could endeavor upon than to help enable business owners and their families achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams through the support of trusted financial and human resource partners.

Our Mission

The Business Owner LLC’s MISSION is to help small business owners succeed; to fulfill their dreams; to provide for their families; to take care of their staff and to give back to their communities.

Our mission will be accomplished by providing them a very select menu of highly valuable products and services, with all of the latter made available and serviced by a premier group of high quality, very dedicated business partners – the leader of which will be a local financial institution partner serving the communities in which the small business owners reside.