Business owners are the driving force of our economy

 Our country’s long-term growth and prosperity depend on the success of our business owners. And it is the ensuring and enhancing of their success that is the focus – the goal of our company – The Business Owner, LLC.

TBO has generated a menu of highly valuable products and services that will greatly enhance a business owner’s ability to succeed. We have teamed up with a very select group of service partners to provide business owners with the very best of tools to help them succeed. Our program has been designed to team up with locally based community financial institutions in making these services available.

Business Valuations and Performance Reports

The biggest asset for business owners and their families is their business. Only a small percentage of business owners know what their company is worth. As such, many businesses are underinsured and are not able to optimize their financing capabilities.

TBO has teamed up with a key partner in being able to provide business owners with vital Business Valuations and Performance Reports. This will allow them to be sure they have adequate insurance protection for their businesses and will provide them information they need to make strategic changes to in order to maximize their value of their business down the road.

Cost Segregation Services – Maximizing Tax Savings

One of the most valued assets of business owners is their commercial property. TBO has teamed up with the premier company in America for being able to provide business owners IRS defined engineering-based cost segregation studies for commercial properties valued at $150,000 - $750 million.

Cost segregation is the IRS approved method of re-classifying components and improvements of your commercial building from real property to personal property. This process allows the assets to be depreciated on a 5, 7, or 15-year schedule instead of the traditional 27.5 or 39-year depreciation schedule of real property. Thus, your current taxable income will be greatly reduced and your cash flow will increase.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Most entrepreneurs don't go into business to become employers. They incorporate because they want to fulfill a dream, support their family, and work with people who share their passion.

But being an employer can create significant headaches, even without the heavy regulations saddled against them. Top tier Human Resource support used to be optional, but not anymore. Now it is critical to attract the right employees, offer the right benefits, and maintain local and federal compliance.

But most can't afford, or don't want to manage those administrative duties, and that's why we've partnered with HR Outsourcing partners that handle all of that for them.

Human Resource Outsourcing, or HRO, enables an employer to offer more than they ever could when shopping the open market, and more affordably.

  • Payroll and Tax Services
  • 401k and Benefits Administration
  • Workers compensation and Claims management
  • Workplace Safety
  • Time and Labor Management
  • ACA Compliance
  • and more.

And our partners are part of your local communities. Living, shopping, and supporting the very same people and organizations that you do.

In fact, those that work with our HR partners

  • Are 50% less likely go out of business
  • Grow 7-9% more than those who don't
  • Have 10-14% lower employee turnover

Marketing Empowerment and Execution

startup business, woman working on laptop computer at modern office

Most local financial institutions and small business owners struggle to achieve the meaningful growth they believe they are capable of.

For some business owners, modern marketing and sales strategies can seem risky, unfamiliar, and unpredictable, and that makes them uncomfortable.

So we’ve endeavored to work with partners that help you and them achieve meaningful growth through predictable, scalable, and modern approaches.

Our partners help by training business owners and their teams how to execute at the highest tier of excellence, and outsource those things best left to trustworthy experts.

  • Build the kind of marketing that others love to receive from you.
  • Scale the acumen and capabilities of your own team, avoiding risk from outsourcing.
  • Conversion focused websites, sales, and marketing systems that attract more prospects and sell more services.

SBA Lending

In the event the financial institution we team up does not currently offer SBA lending, we want to make available the best of SBA lending capabilities.

One of our key partners is, without question, the very best SBA Lender Service Provider (“LSP”) in the country. Their unique SBA lending platform is designed to empower financial institutions to best provide their community’s business owners with much needed access to capital.

Our LSP partner combines the processing, closing and servicing platforms of their two owners who are two of the nation’s largest SBA lenders / servicers.​

The commitment of these two organizations makes our LSP partner one of the very best outsourcing options for lenders today. Your SBA loans will be processed, closed and serviced with efficiency and speeds – and with the added peace of mind that the entire process has been “done right” – ensuring that every step of the process will be in full compliance with the required SBA SOP.

There is no question that having good SBA lending capabilities is vital for being able to meet the financing needs of the small business owners within a community. A community FI should never let a small business owner walk out of their doors without providing them help – either the offering of lending options that best meet their capital needs or providing them guidance, direction on how to best prepare themselves to be able to obtain needed financing in the future. Their options include the FI’s standard commercial loan, the SBA 504 loan, the SBA 7(a) loan or directing them to a local CDFI or SBDC.

Some other key benefits of working with our LSP partner:

  • They have the very best pricing available for all the services they provide
  • You will be provided a ‘free” 48-hour assessment on each prospective SBA loan applicaant
  • They offer excellent staff training, goal setting and marketing assistance.
  • They will do everything possible to assure that your borrower is pleased with the entire process – making it a positive experience.